ARTIST(S): Shadia


Year: 2016

Commissioned By: Life Remodeled

Address: 19601 Crusade Street, Detroit, MI

City District: 3


Description: "For the last few months I've been volunteering with Life Remodeled to help beautify the Denby Neighborhood of Detroit. I worked community members and Life Remodeled staff to identify a location for the mural, and then came up with a design to fill the space. Yesterday, we completed the project and I'm so happy to say it was a huge success. This 100'x5' mural at Heilmann Recreation Center was created through the hard work of so many volunteers!!! I am grateful for the amazing help from some hardworking teens who volunteered alongside me to make this project happen. Thanks to Kush Paint Co. for donating the paint, and to Life Remodeled for organizing the event."

- Artist Statement