Stiff Box No. 12

Title: Stiff Box No. 12
Lucas Samaras
Cor-Ten Steel
Central Campus; In east court between Alumni Memorial Hall and the Frankel Family Wing of the Museum of Art

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Part of the collections of the University of Michigan Museum of Art. Gift of the Lannan Foundation in honor of the Pelham family. “Samaras’s engagement with the box as a sculptural form began in 1961…[and by] the early 1970s he had produced a subcategory of this work that he dubbed Stiff Boxes; in these he used Cor-Ten steel to make sculptures that explored balance and structure while still referencing the box form. In Stiff Box No. 12, a box is placed at the center of the piece near the implied dividing line between two very distinct halves; this creates a dichotomy between the soft, graceful curves on one side and the sharp, angular edges on the other.” (Quoted from, and for more info, see UMMA website.)