The Z

Title: The Z
Adrian Falkner, Tristan Eaton, Alex Brewer (Hense), How and Nosm, Cyrcle, Mr. Jago, Augustine Kofie, Maya Hayuk, PUSH, Dabs Myla, Sam Friedman, Matt W. Moore, Edgar 'Saner' Flores, Interesni Kazki, Logan Hicks, Lucy McLauchlan, Remi Rough, Victor Reyes, Gaia, Wais, and b.
1234 Library St, Detroit, MI
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Credit: Bedrock Detroit, Library Street Collective 

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The Z is A 10-story parking garage in Detroit's central business district that blends 1,300 parking spots with the work of 27 mural artists from across the globe. Named because the structure zigzags the corners of Broadway/East Grand River, and Library/Gratiot, the garage is a collaboration between Bedrock Detroit and Library Street Collective that opened in 2013. The 500,000-square-foot project includes 34,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space.

The 130-foot-wide murals inside the garage have turned the Z - along with the adjacent Belt alley - into a Detroit destination. The artwork is diverse and many pieces feature nods to the history of Detroit's industry and culture, which includes the concept of The Z itself - what city better fits an art gallery that you can drive into?